How many times have you been in a department store, supermarket or clothing store and the sales assistant whose role it was to help you totally ignored you and made you feel like your custom was not only accepted, but appreciated? Did you call a service provider, such as a gas firm, an energy supplier or a digital TV provider, only to provide multiple options for “Press 1 for X” and “Press 2 for Y” and not know which choice to choose? Equally, how many times did you finally get through to a customer service agent who told you that he or she could not answer your question and that they would have to pass you on to another colleague for an even longer period of time, leaving you on hold? Visit us on

“We’ve all been there and we can always have thoughts on those times, such as” Why don’t they just boost their customer service? “or” Why don’t they treat me the way I’m supposed to be treated?

We can also recall very clearly the firms, shops , restaurants and facilities that have always offered amazing customer service and these are the companies that we are always proud to recommend to friends , family and colleagues. It is this suggestion that grows a business and entices new customers to use a specific company or service, so why have businesses and companies not understood that if they actually enhanced customer service, it might be the difference between growing their customer base or losing it to another company that offers a higher quality of customer service?

The truth is that it is not rocket science to enhance customer service inside your company, and if you believe that the customer is king and hold that conviction at the very core of your business, you can eventually keep the customers you have and draw more customers to your business-whether you run a small business, a large business or if you work for yourself and provii

Here are 5 very quick ways to enhance customer service within your own company …

Establish and foster the idea that the “Customer Is King” inside your company

If you want your current customers to return to you and want to draw even more customers to your business, you need to build a value system within your business and among your staff that inspires those staff to keep your valued customers at the centre of all they do. I am helping some of my own customers to build their Mission Statement or Company Ethos, which is not only distributed to workers, but is also placed above the wash basins on workstations, kitchen areas and bathroom walls. It should have excellent customer service at its heart, whatever the mission statement of your organisation is, and it is important to enable all workers to collectively build this value system as a team.