There is growing emphasis on our environment these days and one specific concern is nuisance noise, which can take the form of domestic noise as well as industrial noise. Check A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC.

But setting aside domestic noise, you as a business will have on a couple of fronts a legal duty of care regarding noise. First of all, if you have mechanized machinery in your factory, you have a duty of care to ensure that the machinery creates noise that is appropriate to those working around.

When the noise a machine generates reaches the applicable legal limit then you will need to ensure your workers are given sufficient protection from the noise in terms of using ear defensemen. You will also need to ensure that a sound level meter is used to accurately test the noise levels around the offending machine, as if the sound levels are high, workers who do not operate the machine but work nearby will also need to be provided with adequate ear protection.

If this sounds like your factory then you’d be well advised to buy a legally accurate sound level meter, as you’ll be required to provide ongoing noise monitoring and most often have to keep accurate noise levels records.

The importance of monitoring sound levels on a regular basis can not be overestimated, as in the case of a person claiming to have industrial deafness, then noise level records can prove (or not!) that they are within legal limits, and in such a case if you find yourself being sued for such personal injury then accurate records can prove to be your main defence.

It makes good sense for many companies to buy a small handheld sound level meter because they are cheap, accurate and small they are easy to store, but due to their size they can be easily used.

Your second duty of care when it comes to noise is to ensure that your business doesn’t produce too much noise from outside, if it does and people complain about it then you can find that the council will be there in no time to check it, so it’s also vital to monitor your external noise accurately again. If not, you could end up on the wrong end of an environmental note.