When more and more evidence reveals that marijuana does not lead to violent actions, it seems only reasonable that people believe that the government entities responsible for interpreting these problems have lied to them. To this day, in 35 states, marijuana has to be purchased illegally for medical use, and patients have to live in fear of federal prosecution. Can the legislation and policy on marijuana be re-considered? Should it actually be re-considered and sold next to cigarettes, cigars, and alcohol for medical use or for overall use?If you are looking for more tips, check out Best CBD Oil .

There was a movement to de-criminalize small quantities of marijuana in the 1970’s. The general opinion of those advocating decriminalisation was that the prohibitions against marijuana were more detrimental than the substance itself. In 1977, President Jimmy Carter called for small quantities to be decriminalised, and so did the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association. It didn’t take place. A reversal of these measures was seen in the 1980s, and with President Reagan, the War on Drugs ensued with stricter laws and punishments on almost any drug. During this decade, marijuana use went down as alcohol, cocaine, and crack skyrocketed. The 1990’s saw a reversal of patterns in consumption. Marijuana use in teenagers doubled between 1992 and 1994.

Marijuana is not benign. There are over 400 chemicals in the cannabis plant, and there’s a lot we don’t know. However, could it be illegal? Should it always be a narcotic for Schedule 1? It is a large cash crop and controlling it could result in substantial tax revenue, along with reducing the need for too much prosecution to provide services. Many medical and scientific practitioners have provided proof of the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, and 15 states have approved its use for conditions that are debilitating. A recent study found that marijuana can have long-lasting effects on adolescent brains, and while under its effects, it can impair balance and mental ability. So, this needs to be considered in the debate regarding pros vs. cons. In people’s minds, the “illegal” word promotes a major negative aura, and no indication of letting up has been provided by the vigorous debate.