How to Detect Mold

There are a few signs that can mean mold is growing somewhere in your home. Having allergic reactions such as constant sneezing, sore, and red eyes could be signs of mold in your surroundings. If you are not sure, go to a doctor and get tested. That way you can know what is causing all the symptoms.

Smell of molds

Mold remediationIn a lot of cases, mold starts to grow in places people can’t see. It can be hidden in places such as the back of the wallpaper, drywall or panelling. Sometimes even inside walls near pipes that are leaking. People usually fix the problem with the pipe and stop the leaking but the forget about the wet walls and then mold starts to grow inside the walls where people can’t see it. Then the smell that is accumulated in those walls starts to go around the house after some time. When you smell it the first time, the best thing to do is to call us. Our team of experts with advanced equipment will find out where exactly the smell is coming from and terminate it. People are usually making the mistake of not calling professionals and trying to find the source of smell by themselves. That could lead to more damage for example, if you detect smell coming from the wallpaper and try to remove it, a huge amount of spores will release into the air and can spread around the house.

Don’t ignore signs of mold

Mold TestingSometimes people tend to ignore visible mold because it is small and they think there will be no harm, but they are wrong. If you do not act immediately it can grow very fast and spread all around the place.

If you had any water leaks in the past you should call us to inspect your home just to be safe. Nobody wants their family to live in a home that is exposed to mold. Sometimes if you are buying a house and you know that the house has been flooded in the past, there is a high chance that mold started to grow in some places of the house. Usually, basement is place where water remained the longest and has the highest chance of mold growing.