Preventing the Mold Returning after Remediation process

The important thing to do after removing the mold from a house is to make sure that it was thoroughly terminated. If not, some mold spores that stayed can later on, grow into mold again. If you want to remove it by yourself there are some tips that can help you along the way. We do not recommend to do this by yourself, it is always safer if you let professionals handle it. But let’s say you are dealing with small amount of mold and you think you can remove it by yourself these tips will help you.

Get the proper protective equipment

Protective equipmentBefore you start doing anything first you have to make sure that you have everything you need to protect yourself. Your health is most important. If you notice you’re having an allergic reaction please avoid contact and call us to remove it. Here is the list of equipment you need to protect yourself: dust filter mask, gloves, goggles, disposable protective clothing that covers the whole body. Filter mask is important because when removing mold, spores are in the air and a good filter mask will help you not to inhale any spores. Gloves and goggles are pieces of equipment that you must have to protect your eyes from spores and they prevent you from directly getting in contact with the mold. Protective clothing that covers your body is optional. Depending on how severe the problem is.

To prevent the mold returning the safest thing to do is to create a negative pressure during the remediation process. That is important because that is the only way you can get rid of the spores in the air. To create a negative pressure you need to have an exhaust fan, positon it to blow air out of the window that way all the spores that are stirred up should end up outside your home.

To safely remove mold from different surfaces there are different solutions you can use. The most popular one is bleach. It is extremally fast but it produces fumes so you have to properly ventilate the room you are using it in. if you are not comfortable using bleach you can try out one of these: borax, vinegar or ammonia. Also when working with these solutions don’t forget to wear protective gloves.

Removing or cleaning your belongings

Mold remediation proccessIf you have mold problems on some non-porous materials you are in luck. Non-porous materials like glass, plastic or metal can be easily cleaned and used again because there is no mold below the surface. Sadly for porous materials, they can’t be cleaned a 100% and you need to decide whether you want to keep it or not. In some cases when mold had enough time to grow there is nothing you can do to save it and in those situations when the item is not valuable to you, the safest thing to do is to dispose of it. If you keep an item that had severe mold growth on it don’t be surprised if it starts to spread all over your house again.