Perhaps you’ve been to a pool and spa store recently and have checked out the various hot tubs and now you’re actually thinking about purchasing one. With the many styles, shapes and sizes available, how do you go about selecting a tub that’s right for you? Here are some considerations to think about when purchasing hot tubs. For more details click Southern Leisure Spas & Patio.

Number of people using the hot tub: Some tubs will comfortably fit two people and others can accommodate up to six or eight people. How many people will typically be using yours at any given time? You don’t want to be too cramped, nor do you want a large size if only one or two people will be using it.

Location: Location of your hot tub is key. If you live where the weather tends to be rainy or snowy, then you might want to have an indoor hot tub. It needs to be placed in a room where moisture can’t enter the rest of the house. The door to the room needs to not have any gaps around it. One of the draw backs of an indoor style is the possibility of too much moisture causing mold problems. If you plan on having it outside, then you’ll need to decide if it’s going to be placed on a deck, patio, inside a gazebo or in an open space area. Make sure that the structure it’s placed on can handle the weight.

Maintenance: Hot tubs are fairly easy to maintain. Once you do the chemicals, you’ll want to check your water levels once a week and add additional chemicals if needed. Most should be drained and refilled at least once a year. If the tub is being used more than four times a week, then you’ll probably want to drain and refill twice a year. Units that are used outdoors may need to be cleaned more frequently than indoor ones due to leaves, twigs and general blowing of dirt. It’s important to keep it water free of debris.

Cost: Cost is another consideration. Keep in mind that you’re not just paying for the cost of a tub, but you’ll also need to pay for installation, chemicals, water and electricity, and any accessories. Just the cost of the unit can range from a couple of thousand to several thousands of dollars.