Carbon fibre powered and its revolutionary applications

Although the use of activated carbon has been widespread for many years in forms such as granules, pellets, and powders, such items are often difficult to treat. At the other hand, even in the heavy-duty applications, the use of activated carbon fibre or ACF offers ease of use and unparalleled performance. The adsorbent (in granule or powder form) is laminated onto a melt blown or spun bonded material in this particular type of form. The end result is a porous, lightweight sheet offering versatility in hundreds of applications.Learn more by visiting Pacific Coast Carbon LLC

Such sheets of fibre can be found in filters and masks. They can also be pleated for additional results. Manufacturers today may also sell ACFs which are bonded using heat or punched with a needle to achieve the desired results. In many cases, you will find the ACF is made from a precursor of rayon’s or resins.

In this post, we’ll now explore some of ACF’s most influential benefits:

  • They are highly micro porous which makes them suitable for use with applications based on air or water.
  • Since these sheets are 100% activated and offer an exceedingly large surface area, even the most complex adsorption applications can be carried out with them.
  • The thickness, width and length of the ACF can be tailored to fit different specifications just like every other form of fiber or fabric.
  • This can be used to adsorb organic as well as inorganic gases. The best part is adsorption happens at a higher rate than normal activated granular oil.
  • Because it is resistant to both, it can also be used in acidic applications as well as in alkaline products.
  • These are used for a variety of applications in the chemical and electrical sector as they provide chemical stability and adequate electrical conductivity.

All of these qualities played a crucial role in making the activated charcoal fiber an essential industrial material. In addition, this material has been praised by a number of environmentalists for its use in initiatives to combat environmental pollution. Such materials are also known to be used by the aerospace industry for metal reinforcement purposes. In fact, the water treatment industry has used this material for filtration purposes with great success. Knew you that ACF can also adsorb bacteria like Escherichia coli?

And this material can be used in its most basic form for deodorizing purposes, in both the industrial and commercial sectors. Many companies have used this substance today for solvent recovery, air purification, various applications in the medical field, and even for carrying catalysts in the chemical industry.

Taking all these varied advantages and applications into account, it is easy to understand why activated carbon fiber is in high demand across various verticals of industry.

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