Naturopathic medicine is a science working with the ability of the body to heal itself. Health care providers who practice this medicine are naturopathic doctors (NDs). They have a medical-like education, but use natural healing therapies such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, dietary changes, and lifestyle counseling rather than drugs and surgery. Naturopathic medicine also works in a paradigm of health rather than a focus on disease. Click this website.

Individuals are encouraged not to wait until they’re sick, but to be more proactive and begin to notice something that might go wrong with their body or mind until they actually become ill. Prevention is the key and can be achieved through the application of daily and seasonal health practices. Over time being persistent and dedicated to these and other practices provides a better chance for a long and healthy life. Aging doesn’t have to mean dealing with chronic disease, there are a lot of things we can do to lead a good quality of life.

The signs are the way the body let us know something isn’t quite right, whether or not it shows on a laboratory test. If the laboratory results are normal in Western medicine, it is believed that there are no health concerns, which is sadly not often the case. Remember that if you have changes in your appetite, metabolism, strength, mood , sleep, sense of well-being and menstrual cycle (if you’re a woman), these are early warning signs that the body is imbalanced. A naturopathic practitioner can look at what’s out of control in physiology and try to bring it into order. Furthermore, why the symptoms occur first can be determined.

Where a disease already exists in the body, naturally occurring remedies are used along with principles of good health. As a result, over time , this process stimulates the natural ability of the body to heal itself, and restore balance. Daily self-healing practices which enhance the natural metabolic processes of the body are designed to promote the elimination of toxins through the digestive tract (including the liver), kidneys , lungs and skin. These include taking probiotics (good bacteria), essential fatty acids, apple cider vinegar, using castor oil packets, water intake, hydrotherapy, sleep, laughing, movement, and deep breathing. For a description of each of these practices please see below.