Although it is not dementia, seniors with MCI have a higher risk of converting to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, from about 10-15 percent per year, compared to seniors who do not. Declining with aging is common for the level of mental activity and naming recall, etc. But those normal changes don’t affect the ability of a person to function.You may want to check out example of memory impairment for more.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Memory for Seniors

MCI is diagnosed when memory impairment occurs but general cognitive and functional capabilities are intact, do not have impaired judgment or reasoning, and there are indications that dementia is lacking. Treatments are currently under investigation. In a 168-person test , it was found that the three B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 decreased the rate of brain shrinkage by up to 50%.

Early initiation of treatments will delay the deterioration. The following are measures an adult with MCI should do to minimize their chance of having a dementia:

— Monitor blood pressure. You may need treatment for blood pressure to maintain things under control;

— Maintain cholesterol level. Medication can also be necessary to do so;

— Tests blood sugar levels. When you have been known to have diabetes, daily testing of your blood sugar levels is of special importance;

— Keep your weight to a normal level and do regular exercise. Rolling is an outstanding form of performing exercise;

— Restrict alcohol intake to 5 drinks a week and no more than one drink a day;

— Be mindful that your food must certainly contain lots of herbs, fruits and seafood in your daily diet;

— Get plenty of the sleep;

— Restrict the usage of sleeping pills and anti-drugs for issues like cold symptoms;

— Seek to alleviate tension by eliminating difficult conditions and bringing into action calming methods such as meditation;

— Don’t chew them;

— Secure the brain, in especially against repetitive concussions. It will raise the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease progression and other disorders, as well as cognitive decline.

Many suggestions that can help you deal with MCI are to carry a daily diary with you at all times and note down vital items including phone numbers , addresses and appointments. And if you park your car it will help. Once you drive out, make a list about where your car is parked in your morning, so that you can reach it again without any hassle, so if you do forget your keys, make sure that they are kept in the same position every day.

Mild memory problems are characteristic of ageing but MCI is much more severe. If you think you might be suffering from moderate neurological disability, it’s a smart idea to have a specialist from your doctor.