The procedure should be left in the hands of professional dentists by individuals interested in teeth whitening. has some nice tips on this.

The Daily Mail recently reported that teeth whitening procedures are best performed in the surgery of a dentist because it has been found that some do-it-yourself home kits actually erode tooth enamel.

It has been found that such harmful kits include illegally high levels of hydrogen peroxide and other acids that can dissolve teeth and lead to the need for services in cosmetic dentistry.

Some ineffective home teeth whitening kits have ill-fitting moulds that allow whitening properties to spill out and harm gums, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has said.

A dentist specialising in restorative work, Dr Keith Cohen, said that if people want to enhance their smile with teeth whitening, they should choose an accredited dentist because they will have the expertise to perform the procedure successfully.

“If you want to whiten your teeth, get a dentist to do it, as they will use a made-to-measure tray around the teeth that reduces the risk of leakage,” he told the health section of the Daily Mail.

An approved dentist will take a mould of the teeth of a person and create a customised tray that holds a mild solution that only sits against the teeth and prevents gum contact.

For a week or two, individuals who take part in this popular method of professional at-home tooth whitening will be required to wear the custom tray for about an hour each day.

In the meantime, drinkers have been warned that regular consumption of red wine will result in permanently stained teeth, that white wine can be just as harmful to a smile.

Scientific research has shown that, compared to red wine, white wine is more likely to rot teeth because it is more acidic and the drink has a greater chance of staining teeth than hot drinks such as tea.

Drinkers are also advised to enjoy their favourite tipple during a meal, as this will reduce the chance of tooth damage because some of the harmful acids found in alcohol will be absorbed by the food.