Most people used to think of the yellow pages or the white pages when you discuss directories. More and more people are turning to online databases inside the “modern world” of technology and the internet. Particularly if you are looking for a locally or regionally based product or service. I cannot think of something that is more local than immovable property. If you’re searching for an agent to help purchase or sell your next home, an online directory is a perfect place to move to. has some nice tips on this.

What is it, exactly?

A real estate directory is a list of curated and structured websites designed to make it easier to find. The information is arranged explicitly for country, agent, type of property, agent’s specialisation, etc., depending on the type of directory. There are directories focused on assets for sale, while others include a list of local agents in the primary. Home inspectors, appraisers, builders, etc. can find ads-almost everything that has to do with real estate.

Why use an immovable directory?

The Internet has been the number one outlet for home buyers now. According to the National REALTORS Association, approx. 80 percent of home buyers start looking online for a home. Getting not only a user-friendly website but also a strong online presence is important. Many REALTORS have websites and post online platforms such as Home Gain,, Yahoo! and many others. Apart from promoting the actual listings, listing your website with directories is an excellent way of helping to drive targeted traffic to your site. Since these directories have ties to and from several different websites, it is much more likely to rank higher than any single-realtor site on the search engine results list. By uploading your website to a real estate directory, you exploit the directory ‘s popularity and page rankings to drive traffic to your website. Another explanation for listing your website with a directory is that potential buyers and/or sellers also check for local agents in their area for such directories.