The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has held the Golden Globe Awards every year since 1944 in recognition of achievement abroad within the film and television entertainment industry. In Los Angeles, at the 20th Century Fox studios, the first Golden Globe Awards ceremony took place. The awards ceremony, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, has been held in Beverly Hills since 1961. In January, before the Academy Awards, the ceremony normally takes place. For more information, -Read Full Article

During World War II, the Hollywood International Press Association was established when eight journalists stationed around the world based in Los Angeles dedicated themselves to solving the problem of overseas communication in the middle of war by exchanging knowledge and connections to appease viewers and filmmakers when it came to their ability to escape through film entertainment. The journalists originated as the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association in 1943, at a period when the value of foreign audiences had yet to be understood by the film industry. The party felt a responsibility to provide viewers with their judgments on the most prominent Hollywood films, and the Golden Globe Awards were born from that idea, beginning with an informal ceremony at the 20th Century Fox studios in 1944, at which Paul Lukas was honored as Best Actor for his role in Watch on the Rhine, and Jennifer Jones was honored as Best Actress for her role in The Song of Bernadette, that year’s Best Film.

HFPA members are currently interviewing hundreds of producers, directors, authors, and actors; making film set reviews, visiting film festivals around the world, and screening over 300 films a year Each member is approved by the Motion Picture Association of America, and a limit of five new journalists can gain membership into the organisation every year.

Owing to member disagreements resulting from discrepancies in ideology, the Hollywood International Correspondents Association divided into a second sect called the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in 1950. Originally, the groups coexisted, the former awarding the Golden Globes, and the latter distributing awards called Henriettas (named after Henry Gris, president of the Foreign Press Association).

The Golden Globes was televised in over 150 countries, the third most watched awards show telecast each year. They were only broadcast locally to the Los Angeles area from 1958 to 1963. The awards began their nationwide broadcast in 1965, that year and the next as a special segment of the Andy Williams Show. In 2008, because the Authors Guild of America was on strike, its members from the writing community.