Eyebrow threading is one of the most effective, simple, and productive ways to remove unnecessary hair. Many people believe it’s done with a thread and a needle, but the old threading art is done with the thread alone. look here Eyebrows are a common threading area but this ingenious process can remove any hair. Facial hair & eyebrow threading is gaining popularity as compared with waxing due to the precise design of the procedure and its low cost. It is the only way that beauticians worked at all day spas and salons in India.

Origins of Eyebrow Threading The threading of the eyebrow is an early form of epilation or removal of the whole hair, including the follicle below the skin. Threading has marked the beginning of womanhood in ancient Persia. To this day, eyebrow threading remains the most prevalent hair removal process in the Middle East and India.

What Threading Is?

Cotton-sewing thread is cut to fit and knotted to one end. The loop that is created may be small or large; whatever the threader considers comfortable. The fingers of each hand are put within the ring, minus the index finger. The rope is twisted into the form of a bow tie many times over. The twisted thread region in the center is put onto the unwanted eyebrow fur. Running in the opposite direction of hair growth the twisted thread catches the hairs in a line as the threaders open and close their fingers. Continuously putting and pulling the hair growth in a line opposite specifically shapes and eliminates the hair. The threading of the eyebrow is easy as it can remove whole rows of hair in a straight line at once. Face threading is likewise finished.

Is Threading Eyebrow for Everyone?

While no hair removal method suits every person, some doctors and salons recommend eyebrow threading as it is more gentle to the skin than other methods of hair removal such as waxing. The threader should be able to shape and contour eyebrows precisely with a minimum of pain and no damage to delicate skin after years of practice. People who take Accutane for acne or other problems are also supporters of the procedure. Anyone who uses drugs that irritate the skin and cause increased sensitivity like Retin A will also benefit from threading the eyebrows. Waxing could tear the skin, as these medicines make the skin very sensitive.

Make sure you let the doctor know you are on the drug prescribed for Dermatology. So they should take care and some precautions to make the threading of the face or eyebrow gentle, secure and efficient.

Threading is not just for eyebrows Any area which requires hair removal is a good threading candidate. Eyebrows are a common place to thread as the thread line helps to create a shaping guide and precision aids. Many popular threading points include the upper lip, thighs, arms and bikini line. The tiny left over hair will be removed with thread after waxing. The threading technique is capable of catching any small or ingrown hair that leaves less skin hair.