Wedding is such a big day in somebody’s life. And calling it a day which marks the beginning of a new future isn’t wrong. While the lovely couple are embracing each other and embarking together on a romantic journey, we can only wish them a happy and fruitful life ahead. Check conservative party shirts. And what’s better than giving them a souvenir celebrating their friendship and wishing them all the luck to live together for ever. Yet what we wind up when it comes to finding the right wedding gift ideas is in a bowl of web searches and constant gifting choices. We have curated a bunch of exclusive wedding gift ideas to ease our pain when it comes to narrowing down on the best wedding gifts online that will definitely impress the lovebirds:


A lovely couple deserves an equally beautiful piece of art that shows your love for them. If you’re getting them a figurine of ceramic kissing swans or a classic pair of ballrooms, this gift certainly enchants most receivers. Today, when you buy online wedding anniversary gifts, you also have the option of customizing those gifts according to your choice or according to the couple ‘s style and preferences. Wall paintings and poetic pieces of laser and screen print art are also a great option for new wedding gifts to make a sweet haven of their home. With an additional element of surprise, don’t forget to print their names or be extra imaginative to carve a portmanteau of their names on the gift.

Mugs of Coffee

It might sound basic but couple coffee mugs are a perfect way to show your love for the beautiful pair. It also leaves you with plenty of customization choices; print their names, photos, wedding snapshots or even get them inked as caricatures. Even the design and shape of the handles are available in so many varieties to represent perfectly the cup is meant for the lovely couple you love.

Bonne luck charms

Gifting has the whole function of wishing the couple a prosperous future. So what works better than certain cute charms of good luck. They ‘re easily available online, and in many varieties too. From the classic smiling Buddha statue, you can choose sleek and stylish wind chimes and dream catchers. To wish them a fruitful life, hand over a fluffy green bamboo bush to the couple which is thought to attract good fortune and wealth.