As a hierarchy of partners at the top and varying levels of Associate Attorneys below them, most law firms composed of more than one individual are set up. In general, partners are members of the organisation and associates are employees. Attorney has some nice tips on this. Associates are also given the opportunity to work up the ladder and become partners and share in the company’s income rather than simply earning salaries.It is important that the Associates and the Company have a written agreement or contract that specifies the roles and responsibilities of both, as well as the conditions under which they will advance. The following is a draught agreement between an Associate and a law firm that can be tailored to suit the needs of an Associate Attorney recruiting law firm.

This AGREEMENT was made between the Law Offices of Smith, hereinafter referred to as the “Firm” and Joe Blow, hereinafter referred to as the “Attorney,” on the 21st day of March 2011.

The Firm is a Sole Proprietorship, working as a legal services company. If the Company transitions to another type of business organisation during the duration of this contract, this contract will continue to be binding on both the Company, in the new formation, and the Attorney.Occupation. In compliance with the terms of this Arrangement, the Company hires the Attorney, and the Attorney accepts employment as an attorney.

Complete Time. The Attorney shall devote full time and attention to the practise of law to the Firm and the Attorney shall not, without the written permission of the Firm, make legal services directly or indirectly to or for any person or firm other than as an employee of the Firm, directly or indirectly.

Duties and Tasks. The Business shall specify the duties to be performed by the Attorney and the means and manner of execution of those duties. The Firm shall decide the appointment to the Attorney of the clients and the Attorney shall provide services for those assigned clients. The Company shall decide the rates at which the work of the Solicitor is to be paid.