Cosmetic dentistry has a number of procedures for improving the look and/or function of the teeth, bite and/or gums. It mainly focuses on improvement of cosmetic aesthetic appearance in color, style, structure, size, appearance and general smile look. These cosmetic procedures are often performed by cosmetic dentists (Dental Assistants) to improve the dental appearance, smile look and dental health. Dental assistants can be considered as cosmetic dentists due to the fact that they do the basic functions required in a professional dentist’s office such as filling, crowning, polishing and filling in decayed or broken teeth. Other cosmetic dentists like orthodontic implants also practice. Orthodontics is a field of dental science that focus on improving the appearance, function, health and posture of your teeth, and orthodontic implants is a procedure which is used to correct deformities of the teeth and to help the tooth move forward in alignment with your bite, and not bite out of line. For more details click Ivanhoe Cosmetic Dentist.

Tooth whitening, bleaching, cleaning, bridges, veneers and bonding are some of the cosmetic procedures commonly done by cosmetic dentists. In terms of veneers, this cosmetic procedure uses porcelain laminates over the front surface of your teeth in order to give you a more youthful and healthy look. The process also helps your teeth stay on their proper level by maintaining the alignment. Dental veneers are made of porcelain and many dentists will use a special resin that provides stability to the tooth to make sure that it remains on its proper level.

Cosmetic dentists also perform procedures like bridges. Bridges are the most commonly used cosmetic procedure for improving the dental look and the overall health of the teeth. Bridges are also known as a crown, because the whole idea of a bridge is to hold the existing tooth onto the front surface of the gums. Dental veneers may also be used for improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic dentists can also use braces to help improve the oral health and posture of the teeth and the way they look and feel when teeth are not present. In some cases, the teeth may become uneven after several years of wear and tear and this can be remedied by using braces. Braces have a number of benefits, the main one being that they can correct the alignment of the teeth and keep them on their proper level, which improves the appearance and health of the teeth.

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