Concussion is a mild, traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head, shaking or spinning. It is not a life-threatening injury, but it can cause problems in both the short and the long term. Concussions do not involve incidents where bleeding happens under the skull or inside the brain.You may want to check out Calgary Iv Therapy for more.

It takes less of a blow to cause the injury after several concussions, and it takes more time to recover. People with multiple concussions experience accumulated brain damage which can lead to dementia, depression in later life … And there are studies which suggest Alzheimer’s.

“A significant portion of society believes that the commotion is harmless and everyone recovers from it, and life will be merry ever after. That’s not true at all.” Neurosurgeon Dr Robert Cantu.

There isn’t anything traditional medicine can do when it comes to recovery except (seriously) rest and painkillers. NFL has donated a million dollars for testing to the Boston University Medical School to tackle what they term the ‘concussion epidemic.’ This proves to date that there is no successful cure for concussion. There’s still no treatment for post-concussion syndrome related cognitive problems.

An important, yet never mentioned, component of a concussion accident is the vibration that springs from the blow itself. The sensation gets activated, stored in the neurons of the brain and later becomes the cause of several symptoms following the accident. It is the question which has not been identified. For example: while there is no physical damage to the MRI or X-Ray, people often complain of extreme pain , dizziness and other troubling symptoms.

Our homeopathic therapy is unique, truly the one that can help. For several treated cases, where the key symptoms ranged from headaches , dizziness, depression or cognitive problems, it has been scientifically confirmed over the past ten years. It works from inside using vibrational remedies that target those cells affected by the accident’s vibration, and restores the damage done to the brain’s soft tissue.

Within only a few months, the entire disease can be healed. You start sensing the results from the first week. It typically takes three months to remove the issue just a few months or several years ago the concussion occurred. Know we don’t temporarily mask the symptoms or make you feel better. We ‘re trying to rebuild your health and restore it to the way it was before the concussion.