Installation of air conditioning can be simple, it can be easy to project yourself if you install an AC window.

However you will require specialized help and service technicians to do the job for more complex central air conditioning installation. Here are a few simple tips that will guide you in your effort to install an air conditioning unit successfully. By clicking we get more information about the Air Conditioning Installation

The first thing you need to consider before actually buying and installing the air conditioner is the size of the room. That helps you to determine the AC ‘s capacity accordingly.

Measure the size of the window where the AC will be installed, and then check for proper electrical service. Make sure the window frame and sill are in decent shape and sturdy enough to withstand the unit ‘s weight. In some instances, you may need to receive an AC installation permit.

The items you need for the air conditioning system, aside from the air conditioner, include a measuring tape, metal brackets and other support structures, caulking gun and waterproof caulk, screwdrivers and foam insulating strips.

To fit the air conditioner, you will first adjust the mounting equipment that requires supports installed on the sill. Open the window, and follow the manufacturer’s step-by – step instructions for installing the unit.

When screwing to the sill on the bracket make sure you position it at a tilt to ensure proper condensation. Sheet metal screws are utilized for metal brackets.

Take the air-conditioner now and place it on the frame. The modern air conditioners are fitted with pockets underneath the panel to enable fast sliding into the opening window. Slide the window into place on top of the unit.

Open the extensions on each side of the air conditioner ensuring that the units between the window and the unit are closed securely. These extensions are fastened onto the window sash using angle brackets.

Secure the sashes of the window and finish off the construction by covering the holes with foam strips to ensure adequate insulation.