If you see signs of the existence of the bugs, or even think that you are doing so, then keep any personal items away from that area. Place your mallet(s) in the toilet. The same goes with extra clothes and purses.To find more info, visit here.

The bad news is, you think you’ve found bugs in the room. The good news is, support is available!

Your best bet, of course, is to keep one of your area’s bedbug exterminators. They will minimise the hassle and discomfort and they will continue to come back until they have solved your bug issue!

You don’t have that luxury often though. Here’s what you do in that case:

Remove all bedding and clothing from any room(s) that is affected. Bed bug exterminators warn that these requirements will live for as long as one year without food (yes, really!), so you want to take decisive action.

Temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit may also meet these conditions. This means you’re going to want to wash all your clothes and bedding, and even curtains, in HOT water or scrub them dry. What a MUST! All this is a pointless practise if you lose even one breeding pair.

These bugs have no love for light. Bed bug exterminators recommend looking for bugs in any dim, quiet place as they normally sleep during the day and only appear in the darkness ‘s protection. That can be under the mattress, so you’ll want to carefully check the spring box. It was also suspected these bugs were hidden behind light switch plates.

The next step is the vacuuming. All and all Vacuum! Using a vacuum which has a bag that can be disposed of. Take a crevice wand and clean the seams and gaps of bare mattresses. Vacuum the crevices which meet the wall and the floor. Vacuum everywhere you see these tiny reddish-brown dots. Vacuum the holes in the couch and other parts of furniture, and even vacuum the curtains.