1) Have the Complete Barber Shop Treatment

 Barber shops were initially conceived of as locations for people to help tidy up and loosen up. The custom has been going for more than 100 years, and keeping to it is the strongest hope for performance. click here

A successful barbershop encounter doesn’t stop with the haircut. Many men these days are hunting for the traditional barbershop service. Which suggests that after their shaving, you can submit them to a nice neck shave and shoulder massage

The best way to give a neck shave is with a straight razor. Finish this off with swift a shoulder rub, and your clients will exit your shop feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to face anything that comes their way. This is a great way to create customer loyalty, and a great way to encourage the customers to come back again. A shave is something a man needs once in a while, but a true rejuvenation experience is something that many people want every day.

2) Invest in Community

 Back in the early days of barber shops, these businesses were meeting spots for people; locations where guys might come periodically to talk with the barber, have a cigarette, maybe get a shave, and check in with the men in the local community. These days, the form of male community has mostly vanished. Invest in building this sort of culture, and new customers will have a reason to come check out your store.

A great way to do this is to become a community resource user. As a barber, you’ll end up cutting the hair of people from all walks of life-business owners, tradesmen, musicians, contractors… Become a link to these citizens by them to other individuals they need to encounter.

3) Investing in Ambient Another perfect way to create consumer satisfaction and culture is to invest in the environment of your store. Consider of what the people of your area are seeing on Television and what sorts of books they love reading, so make this content readily accessible. Consider even about other stuff people want to do while they hang out with other guys. What about investing in an espresso machine so that cappuccinos can be produced for your clients, or setting up vintage vehicle posters and showing vehicle catalogs in your waiting area?

Creating an fun experience is a fantastic chance for retailers too. In your store, show straight razors or other grooming items and then you’ll have people walking in to see where they can purchase these things. Don’t think about being imaginative with this. You may also choose to offer cigars or coffee beans-because you’re providing the right kind of environment, customers would choose to purchase items that help them maintain the same mood at home.