Max Carletti

The Fastest Mold Remediation Service with Modern Eqipment

Why choose us

A lot of businesses offer “mold removal” services and just a few of them really know the science behind it. There is not a lot of businesses that offer high-quality service like we do. Here are some facts that may convince you to choose us.

We have the proper equipment that is needed for the job. Without the right equipment, there is a risk that the mold would not be terminated

We respond very fast after you call us you can expect us to arrive within 30 minutes depending on your location

Over 7 years of experience in the mold remediation business

We have highly trained mold remediation specialists

Our goal is not just to remove it from your home but to prevent it from further growing

Offering the highest quality customer service in the region

Moisture Problems

If water leaks happen indoors you need to act quickly. Mold will start growing on materials that are wet for more than 48 hours. To prevent that try to dry out the material as quickly as you can. The main cause of mold appearing in your home is humidity. In most situations, humidity in the air is above 60 % and that is ideal for growing. The unnecessary mold gowth is actually pretty easy to prevent, all you need is a humidity meter, a cheap instrument that can show you the % of the moisture in the air.

The Mold Remediation Process

Usually, every mold damage is different but they all require the same remediation process. It all begins when you call us, our team of experts are immediately grabbing all the equipment they need and going to your location. After we arrive our experts carefully inspect your home for any signs of mold. Then we set a negative air pressure to keep spores from spreading during the remediation process. We also have a special air filtration equipment that can capture even the smallest spores from the air. To save your belongings from mold damage we use a variety of cleaning techniques.

What customers say about us

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Lynch

    "After my house has been flooded all the furniture and my belongings got wet I wanted to just take them outside to dry off. After a while, they started smelling then I realized mold started growing. So I decided to call the MaxCarletti mold Remediation service. They did a perfect job they managed to save all my belongings."    

  • Mark

    Mark Turner

    "My home had a problem with high humidity and I didn’t do anything to change that so after a while mold started appearing all over my home. I did not know what to do hopefully my brother suggested me to call for mold Remediation services. I was stunned by the expertise they offered, thanks to them my home is now clean and safe."

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